Monday, January 2, 2006

Year in Review

OK, so what happened in 2005? Couple of big things I guess. Firstly I got off my ass and moved out. Found a nice place in Pyrmont and moved in with JC. That had been something I had been contemplating for a while, particularly since getting back from Europe, but never really got going with it... Once Chi, Minh and JC started talking seriously about it I finally got the impetus to jump in too..

The other big change was me leaving IBM (I thought that was going to be a long term career - funny how things end up) and joining DiData. There was no single thing that prompted this but after a year at IBM I found that I wasn't particularly challenged or interested in the work I was doing... DD has been interesting in the last 3 months. Definately a shock in terms of culture from IBM, but certainly more fun. No comments about long term careers this time. I've learnt my lesson.

Been haning out with friends a lot and having a good time. Some of them got married! Others hooked up (yay for them!) and others chugged along as before... Went to a lot of gigs, including Splendour, got crazy fanatical about Serenity and Sin City... Became Web 2.0 compliant. :) Won an Oztag Premiership. Family wise I got a new nephew this year.. my old man decided to retire and take up golf/fishing/bridge full time..

That about wraps it up... Nothing as exiting as a trip to Europe, I guess, but there are plans in the wings. Plans I tells ya!

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