Tuesday, February 7, 2006

The Go! Team

I must admit, I've gotten on The Go! Team bandwagon pretty late. I'm not sure how or why I missed them.. I heard Ladyflash on jjj last year, but never really followed it up... Anyways, a few weeks ago I went out and bought their CD Thunder, Lightning, Strike on the strength of Ladyflash, and I gotta say, I absolutely LOVE the CD. It's uniformly high quality songs, great catchy hooks, upbeat and full of fun. I don't think I've been this excited about a CD since Architecture's In Case We Die - it really is that good.

I've seen a lot of people mention The Avalanches as a similar style to The Go! Team, and I can definately see why. Beyond the mass use of samples both Thunder and Since I Left You have the same sense of fun... but the Team's use of their own vocalists (and what a VOICE!) and instruments really sets them apart from the sample-mania crowd...

I'm totally digging this CD! If I had heard it ealier it would have definately made it to my "best of 2005" list!

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