Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Oh The Pain

I'm feeling rather sore and sorry for myself at the moment... coz of a day of paintball on Sunday. And the pain isn't from paintball injuries, but from me running and diving around. My left ankle got twisted pretty badly, so now it's all swollen and painful. I've somehow managed to pull a hamstring AND injure my left arm too. yay for me!

Besides the pain (which only really felt afterwards) the day was great fun. We got together much of the old crew, with some new faces - Jem and QT were first timers - and put up a decent fight. Only played 4 fields (it was really, really hot, but it was slow even considering the heat) and we managed to win the "protect the general" field and "snipers" field. The others made a come back on the last capture-the-flag field coz (1) we were too lazy to attack and (2) coz we were low on ammo..

I tried to do a sneaky run to pick up the flag in the final game but to no avail. I spent a good 10 minutes sneaking up the left flank, going along the top of the hill, as our guys in the middle advanced and cleaned up the enemy barricade by barricade. At the 10 minute mark I had made it to their back line at the very top of the hill and started descending slowly. I managed to clean out 2 enemies about 1/2 way down the field.. but unfortunately the flags were right behind a barricade with 5-6 girls defending it. With time and ammo running low I had no option but to attack. Getting as close as possible I opened fire on them from above, I'm pretty sure I hit 2 or 3 before they saw me.. I charged for the flags sliding down the hill feet first.. with about 3m to the flag I got absolutely hammered. oh well, it was worth a run.

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