Tuesday, April 25, 2006

51 Not Out

Not bad for 5 overs, I think. That's what Chi and I managed to score in the latest match of our now regular weekend cricket games.

Chi and I were the first pair to bat, and things got off to a disasterous start as I called Chi through for a suicide single. I'm sure he was out of his ground but I think we were given the benefit of the doubt (and sympathy). From there on we had the tough work of seing off the two young speedsters Ted and Andy. Both were bowling at a good pace (definately the quickest I've faced in the last few months) but lost some control. This gave us some valuable runs via byes - easily contributing 20 to our total! We tried to keep the strike rotating over with quick singles and I think the left-right combination unsettled the bowlers line a bit.

After the youngsters we faced an over from Phi who managed to york me on the big toe (ouch! still hurts!) but we batted sensibly and saw him off too. From there we managed to score at a steady rate knocking off ones and twos with the odd boundary in the mix. Somehow we managed to get to 51 off our five overs, which is a new all-time record in the Five5 games we've played.

Of the following pairs the Brothers Luc put in a good effort as expected from the defending champs, but only managed 40 runs. A lot was expected from the brothers Bates and Nguyen, but lack of recent practice showed and they posted lower than expected scores. The highly rated team of Chunga and Van put in a dash but were undone by some great bowling and fielding. Speaking of wich, Van and Andy took some screamers today, Andy snatching a ball at full strech over his head feilding at Gully, and Van at Deep Square Leg taking a powerfully hit shot off Marto(?). I also partnered with Quang for the last pair, with my goal being to run singles and give QT as much of the strike as possible. He did very well, running ones and twos, hitting a few boundaries and getting a very respectable 40 38 runs!

On the bowling front I think I was a bit wayward today. I'm still bowling far too short, even leaving out the two bouncers I bowled at Lucky - sorry dude! :) - the length just wasn't right. The few times I did pitch up I did pretty well. One a hard catch to first slip (if we had one), another hitting Ted on the ankle on his back leg, and another hitting Chunga on his thigh as he tried to pull a ball that was a bit too low.

I'll really be concentrating on bowling full of a good length next time. Very few of our batsmen (if any) play off the front foot, and you rarely see anyone driving through the off side. So my new mission - full of a lenth, just outside off stump. Don't hold your breath though.

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