Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Great Escape - Day 1

The much anticipated day rolled around, and Xtn, Chi and I walked over to the armoury at about 1300. We saw Shuai in a long, long line and made fun of him.. thinking that our cool moshtix would let us right through. But no. Seems that people who pre-ordered tix had to join the long,long line and queue for an hour! Great frikken start that was!

Anyways, we caught the tail end of The Fumes, a two person punk rock band. They were going off! After that we took a stroll around the place and ran into Lucky and Thu, who were just there for the day..

We eventually wandered around to the Riverside stage to watch Arabesk (4 piece jazz band) do their schtick. They took about 45 minutes to set up (!!) but they were really good musicians. Quite liked their stuff. After that strolled off to see Hawksley Workman, a Canadian duo who were great fun..

From there I headed to my first "must see" gig, Dobacaracol. They also had problems with the sound at the Riverside stage, but finally got on at about 1700. When they got on stage the whole crowd was sitting down relaxing in the afternoon sun.. I was kinda expecting some nice folky, world music type set from them.. but nope.. They were straight into some pumped up African beats with heaps of precussion. Pretty soon the whole audience was on thier feet dancing madly away. I must say their live act really surprised me.. completely diff from their album, with all that mad energy and jumping around. They did do Baiser Sale pretty much like it's on the album, tho.

I fitted in Silverchair (meh, pissweak) and Martha Wainwright (really good, but sound problems again) afterwards, and heded to Sigur Ros. I had some pretty big reservations about Sigur Ros playing a place like this.. They were following on from Silverchar (and as pissweak as they are) Sigur Ros' energy and style is completely different. The crowd for SR was also a lot smaller than for the Chair, though I expected that.

I hyped up SR to the other boys (Xtn, Shuai and Chi)... tho I was pretty sure they wouldn't like the stuff.. SR opened with a white screen in front of the stage, with them being alternatively front and back lit.. it was a very cool effect... tho kinda confusing to watch. They did a couple of songs from Takk... and by that stage the other guys were bored and ready to leave.. :) They started up Svefn-g-englar and the guys stayed for that, but letft afterwards.

SR continued with some songs from Takk and (), but the style was definately changed.. faster tempo and the drums dominating the soundscape (the drumming was AWESOME, BTW.) Towards the end of the set they played Olsen Olsen which sounded lot more like the album version. Overall I really didn't connect with the live act. I went home and listened to ¡gÊtis byrjun again, just to make sure I wasn't just tried and cranky and somehow "missed" the music. Nope, ¡gÊtis byrjun is still as good as I remember it being.. just that SR don't quite fit in a rock festival. An opera house is probably more their thing.

Overall a pretty good day. Saturday is pretty slim for me.. not much to listen to.. I'm going to see Eskimo Joe and maybe catch the APRA Songwriter's sessions (with Clare Bowditch!).

Some pictures of the Sigur Ros show from my phone:

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