Monday, April 17, 2006

The Great Escape - Day 2

OK so Sat was prolly the least exciting day (line-up wise) for me. There weren't any real must-see gigs, so I went along with an open mind to try and catch as many acts as possible.

Everything kicked off with Eskimo Joe, who rocked as expected. Played a couple of tunes from Girl, but most of it was from the new CD that I didn't know... Since I had no particular act lined up next, I was thinking of seeing Endorphin, but he was playing at the Big Top which I was avoiding whenever possible becuase of the horrible dust that goes everywhere as people dance around.

I'll just make a note about the weather here. First, it was FREEZING!! Sunday night was worse then Sat and Friday, but all days were bloody cold. Second, it was really dry and dust was EVERYWHERE. Specially when people started dancing you could see a column of dust rising into the air... mix that with all the smoke and, urgh! Horrible. I was really hoping for some rain to put the dust down, but nah.. my first music festival in aaages where it didn't rain. I missed the rain.

I discovered that there was a thing called APRA Songwriter's Sessions where APRA got musicians to talk about their songwriting process. Today was Lindsay from Frenzal Rhomb and Lior. It was really entertaining and interesting stuff, even for non-songwriter-person like me. Good to hear that I'm not the only person who thinks Jet (and all the other "new rock" acts) are boring as batshit and just ripping off 70's rock. Lindsay got into the story of how tsuna-you, tsuna-me was written as well as how Frenzal generally write their stuff (Jay used to get off his face, but now he writes songs "on his face", apparently).

Anyways, after that I headed to the main stage to see Juan de Marcos' Afro Cuban Allstars, who went OFF! Absolutely mad energy, big horn section and infectious sound. They were followed by Femi Kuti who was also great to watch and listen. The whole big-band thing is very cool!

The last act of the night for me was The Black Keys. I had heard a few of their songs on the js, but was pretty dissapointed with their live act. Didn't really catch me.. JC and Xtn headed to see Paul Mac afterwards, and I headed home... it was a pretty good day, but I was already looking forward to Sunday, with all that Clare Bowditch goodness.

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