Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Pieces of the Puzzle

Another piece just dropped. Or least solidified whilst reading Gorge Monbiot's blog.

It's pretty clear the that US attacked Iraq not for it's "weapons of mass destruction" but to secure it's oil for US companies... but considering the current state of the place it's hard to see how they can get any usable infrastructure up to export a useable quantity of oil. Despite that failure looks like they are saddling up for another brilliant move...

Iran obviously realised it's next on the hit-list. Not because it's a hotbed for terrorism, but because it has about 10% of the world's crude oild and a LOT of it's natural gas (from GlobalSecurity.) Of course this threat started Iran down the only path that will provide a deterrent against attack, which is nuclear weapons.

Of course the US happily seems to want to escalate this even further.

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