Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Oztag Winter 2006 - Game One

Had our first game of the new OzTag season last night. The Predators are playing in a new comp in Homebush this winter as the Bankstown one is not running. It seems that quite a few teams have migrated over with us, as the first team we played had quite a number of players from one of the Bankstown teams. I'm back int he team after a two season break, as was Michael "The Finger" Nelson. Jason Kara re-joined the predators after about a 10 season absence! The rest of the team was made up of last seasons Predators - minus Tim (uni), Chi (women), Mach (MIA) and Lucky (pansy).

The first four weeks will be a trial to determine what division we're in. There was talk of games being thrown but we managed to scrape through last night for a 9-8 win. The field was much smaller than at Birrong and any half break was enough to score. It didn't help that both sides was playing some shocking defence. You could certainly say that it was a first game of the season.

I still can't believe that we actually scored 9 tries in that game. The Predator's offense was pretty basic as always. We didn't get a lot of depth (they kept rushing our line) and we only managed to complete ~5 sets all night!

Highlights include Slappy getting sent off for being an ass, Phi getting clothslined, and copping a low blow. Lowlights include me missing a shitload of tags, resulting in a bunch of tries. Really need to focus in defence and myself in front of them.. Still shirty about it. :(

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