Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Predators Back in Division 1

I don't know what the organisers are thinking, but for some reason we've ended up in Div 1 in the new comp. We won 2 and lost 2 games in the trials, and one was an emphatic loss.. so not sure what's going on there..

We came up against a decent team last night, and ended up winning 7-5 (or something like that). It was a pretty physical game with poor Andy getting steamrolled within minutes of subbing on. I thought he'd broken a few ribs or something, but he was back playing later in the game, he's a tough kid. We were playing with a few ring-ins with Mick (Chunga's buddy) and Charlie (Ted's buddy) filling in.

I felt our defence was pretty poor once again, we missed a few one-on-one tags and it was only the patended scrambling defence that saved us from conceding more. The opposition wasn't very quick on the outside so they didn't get a chance to expose one of our main weaknesses which is the lack of a good sliding defence.

In attack we were much better, with Kara scoring with his tried and true "arse barge" through their line and breaking through a few times. Finger also had a great run down the sideline burning the winger and getting past their cover defence. The ring ins also did really well. Personally, I still need to work on my sprints, a few times I almost got through the line but didn't have the acceleration to break though. Need to do some hill runs to build up leg power, but it's sooo cold outside! :(

Overall a decent start for the season, but we'll need to work on our defence a lot more against the better offensive teams. And without Phi and Lucky in the middle we need to organise our attack a bit better.

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