Saturday, May 6, 2006

A Rare Moment of Truthiness

Stephen Colbert, take a bow. How rare it is for a member of the media to stand up to the Bush administration and point out their failings to their face? That took real guts, determination and a big dose of truthiness.

Colbert's speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner was a breath a fresh air after all the other press lapdogs had finished grovelling at the administration's feet. The unbearable chuminess and obvious avoidance of the administration's failings during the last two terms is really more than the public should bare. What would we do without Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert?

It was prety obvious that the press was in shock from the moment Colbert started. You could see eyes widening in surprise and hands going to mouths. It had been so long since someone skewered the President that it seems the press has forgotten what their role really should be.

What I and many others find most disturbing is that Colbert's speech is not getting any mainstream media attention. Seems the administration's media controls are still in force. Is this wilful self-sensorship? Even in Australia, the ABC did a story on the Bush impersonator (what a piece of crap, BTW), but no mention of Colbert's much more insightful parody. If it was not for the Internet spreading the video and story this would have sunk without a trace.

This only highlights the importance of the Internet as the last bastion of free speech and free press. I'm sure the governments of the world have new impetus to try and muzzle the internet.

Once again, Thank You Stephen Colbert.

Also, a good interview at The Onion.

Update - more reaction at Salon, here and here

Update 2 - after the video was pulled from YouTube, it seems that it's up on Google Video with C-SPAN's consent. Go get it now!

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