Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The War On Terror Continues

With the US refusing entry to UK/Sri Lankan MC M.I.A. I think her publicity has bitten her on her ass this time, since she's all about revolutionary zeal and pumping up the Tiger cause.. The whole "down with the hood" attitude wears thin pretty quick though. It's almost impossible to understand what she says on the blog (thankfully Pitchfork provided a translation from ghettospeak), but I get a sense that she's really just playing it up for the audience. Read the comments and they are just as well written.

It's clear from an interview she did with Pitchfork that she's an intelligent and well spoken person, but yeesh! Enough with the posturing.

Anyway, I'm sure the record company's expensive lawyers will convince the U.S Govt to let her in sooner or later. I'm sure they'll use the "it's just an act" defence.

I don't think I've said anything about her first CD, Arula, which I got after Amazon put it #2 after Sufjan Stevens Illanoise. Unfortunately Arula was miles, miles behind Illaniose IMHO. The heavy jungle beats sure scream out "LONDON", and the performances really pack a punch.. but the revolutionary ideals just fall flat for me. The silly posturing and "angry at the world" act just doesn't cut it. After Ms Dynamite and Princess Superstar. Maybe it's my jaded and cynical view of the world, but all I could muster was a resouning "meh!" to that CD. Might give it another listen sometime and see if it improves.

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