Friday, June 30, 2006

The Soceroos

OK so it's been almost a week, and I guess it's time I blogged my final entry about the Socceroos World Cup 06 campaign. Still pissed off about the Italy game, sure the last second penalty was crap, but we really should have done better against a 10 man Italy. Mind you the sending off was a stuff up from the ref too, so all up the refereeing was just sh!te.

I'm mostly over it though I really can't gather up any enthusiasm to watch any other games. Haven't watched a full game since last Monday. That game really drove home the things I don't like about football, particularly the standard of officiating and the lack of video citations or even post-game penalties for bad play (like in Rugby League).

Still very proud of what the guys did there. We're really gonna miss Guus. Here's hoping for a better showing at World Cup 2010.

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