Monday, July 10, 2006

How Mainstream Are You?

OK so I love music. And I love stats. Nothing better than putting them together thanks to the information collected at!!

So the stats might be a bit dodgy, and the results not really that meaningful, but people have worked out a way to see just how "mainstream" your listening habbits are by comparing the average number of listners for your top 10 artists against the number of listeners for the top 10 overall artists on

OK, so my top 10 and the number of listners figures are as follows:

Artist Listners
Clare Bowditch 724
Art of Fighting 1296
Sigur Ros 131463
The Knife 37089
The Go! Team 62803
Gomez 34733
Radiohead 323179
Architecture in Helsinki 60624
K's Choice 22327
Decoder Ring 1554

Averaging the number of listeners per artist on my top 10, gives 67507 listeners. Comparing that against the 295,314 listeners average for the top 10, (67507/295314)*100 gives me a score of 22.8% mainstream. Of course most of that is just Radiohead.. take Radiohead out and my score goes down to ~12%.

You can only really compare with other results from of course, which is still pretty nifty.

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