Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rural Fire Service

Last Sat I went along to a fundraiser for the Wentworth Falls branch of the NSW Rural Fire Service.. It was organised by Chami's mother and a few others and had a whole bunch of bands, dancers and lots of yummy food.

Chami and three of her friends had been roped into doing a dance for the night, and even tho they only had 2 weeks to practice really put in a great performance. Of course they almost caught hypothermia afterwards coz it was so frikken cold, but that's just a minor inconveniance. They were even called back for an encore!

I've been told that they raised over $2000 for the RFS so it's all good. Maybe the next one can be held somewhere a bit warmer tho! We were thinking of starting a bonfire, but for some reason the firefighters weren't keen on that idea!

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