Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My Poor Blog

Wow, my blog hasn't been posted to in about 4 months! Got to be the longest time ever withoutan update. I know my regular readers Big Nick and Stinky have been greatly dissapointed in me. :)

Anyways, much has happened, but not much blogged. After the NZ trip, Chami and I wentup to Bellingen (inland from Coffs Harbour) for a few days over Christmas and New Years. Didn'tdo much for new years, in marked contrast to last time.

In January went to Sri Lanka for 3 weeks, mainly for Niv and Rus's wedding. Got back and it'salready March, with Weddings galore! Three Weddings in 3 weeks. With Bernadine and Brettgetting married in June as well.

Apart from that, not much else. Decided that the UK trip is definately on the cards, willbe heading over at the end of this year. Got a (sort of) promotion to be Team Leader of ourteam in Sydney (we're split across Sydney and Melbourne).

Spending a bit of time playing Guild Wars still. The former members of [DK] are now WoWaddicts.

Next update will be about Phi and Mon's wedding. With pictures!


Monnie said...

So where is the promised post about our wedding?? Dude, it's been 9 months!!! hehe

me55enger said...

Wow it's been that long? I DO have some photos, but I only took a few that are worth publishing.. decided to enjoy the day rather than take lots of photos.. will look through my archives and pick the best ones to publish...