Monday, July 9, 2007


I've been thinking about getting laser eye surgery for a while now.. and about 3 months ago I bit the bullet and went for an assesment at the Eye Institute in Bondi Junction. The initial tests were pretty good, saying that I'm a good candidate for the procedure, and that I was right in the middle of the "safe zone". So after thinking about it for a bit, I decided to go ahad with it.

After a couple of more tests (they map the surface of the eye and stuff like that) I had the procedure on the 6th of July. The whole thing actually only took less than 30 minutes. From putting on the surgical "dressing gown" thing to walking out of the recovery room. There was a lot of "stuff" inbetween, though.

You start off with getting these anti-inflammatory eye drops and anesthetic eye drops.. They then stick you on a bed under this massive machine. Actually two machines... The first one is the Intralase which cuts the flap on the front of your eye.. They put these bright (and I mean BRIGHT) lights right in your face and clamp your eyes open. It's not fun. Then a "suction thingy" (technical term) descends down and settles on your eye, and forces it back into the socket.. it felt very heavy.. this was to stop the eye moving around when the laser cuts it.. By this stage your vision sort of goes between a blank nothingness and a shiny redness of the laser. The laser cuts one eye and then the next one.

You then get moved to the laser that does the actual re-shaping of the cornea. The surgeon lifts the flap from your eye (you can see this, it's umm, "fun") and the laser fires up and you see shiny redness and smell it burning the tissue of your eye. The surgeon then washes (?) away the dead cells and puts the flap back into place and smooths it down.. which you can also see. Repeat for the other eye, and you're done.

You go into a post-op room and they examine your eyes to make sure everything is ok.. give a while bunch of foul tasting eye drops and off you go home! I could see, but everything had a white haze. Was hard to keep eyes open.

The next 6 hours or so were actually quite painful.. When the local anestheic wore off my eyes hurt quite a lot, and I was tearing uncontrolably.. Couldn't sleep even with a sleeping tablet, all I could do was keep my eyes closed and lie down. And complain to Chami about how much it hurt.

Next morning I could actually see pretty well. Had an appointment at 8:30 to check how I was doing, and I could read 2 lines better than 20/20. The RTA test text was HUGE and I could read it without any problem. My eyes were still sore, and bright light have me a headache.. so had to wear sunglasses everywhere.

Now it's been over 48 hours and my vision is pretty good... Still hard to change focus and sometimes things blur in and out of focus. Still hurts to stare at a computer screen for too long, so I'm gonna stop this post here. More updates to come.

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