Monday, July 9, 2007

Pyrmont to Waterloo

Another storm of updates for the blog as I've been feeling guilty about abandoning it.. :)

At the end of May, JC moved to the UK, so I decided it was time to get out of Pyrmont as well. I just couldn't afford the rent by myself in Pyrmont (even single bed places in a decent part would be $350+). Our place was put on the market for $520/week and was snapped up in minutes.

Anyways things worked out for the best because Chami had an apartment in Waterloo (I didn't even know that a suburb called Waterloo existed - it's just south of Surry Hills, for those who don't know) which needed a tennent, and so I moved in there. So now I've been in Waterloo for a bit over a month. It's pretty good, large for a single bedroom place, ground floor, with reverse cycle heating/cooling (yay!) and in brand new condition. Shame about the land lady though. She's not very nice... ;)

Getting to and from Waterloo isn't too bad either, the buses are usually quicker than taking the 443 from the City to Pyrmont in peak times! It's a bit too far to walk, though. Lots of places in Surry Hills to eat out at, and Centennial Park and Moore Park are close by. Pretty happy.

Did end up buying a few more things to for the apartment.. which isn't exactly what I wanted to do, specially as we're gonna be going OS next March.. More stuff to sell/stash/give to parents.

Gotta invite people over sometime.. maybe in a few weekends..


Monnie said...

We hope to be moving out end of March to our new apt - so maybe we can strike a deal ;)
Oh and is it me or are the word verification strings getting longer? 8 chars!

me55enger said...

oooh! Where is the new apartment? Didn't know you guys had found one..

I've already got a couple of people lined up for most of my stuff.. not sure what going to be left.. but the more stuff we can give away the better.

Verification strings are that long? ouch!