Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Keelty Should Go

The head of the Australian Federal Police has shown yet again that he does not have the right mindset to lead the AFP or any other important governmental body. In saying that the media should withold from criticising the AFP and other government agencies he is displaying the very qualities that lead the AFP to lay false charges on Haneef.

If the media did not focus on this case as it was being investigated and brought before the courts, Haneef's situation would have been much worse. It is this very type of attention that Keelty wants stopped.

Of course the previous minister - Kevin Andrews - and the Howard government are also to blame for the ridiculous laws that were passed. They even have the gall to dress down Keelty now, after using him as a stooge to further their own agenda when in power! Disgusting.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Visa Application Away!

Finally posted the UK visa application today. Had to do the biometrics thingy where they take fingerprints (all fingers and thumbs!) and a digital photo. The visa application is now on it's way to Canberra for them to assess.

The whole visa process for Working Holiday was actually easier than I expected, from what I rememeber they have simplified it a lot in the last few years. There are still a few kinks though, like the online form sets your Nationality to be the same as the country you were born in! So Chami and I were worried because it says our Nationality is Sri Lankan! The lady at the Counsulate told us to cross it out and write "Australian". Seems to be a common problem, Chi had the same issue.

Now that the visa application is away, we need to get the UK bank account stuff sorted (almost done, just need to mail the application at this stage) and the National Insurance Number application sorted. Hopefully all the applications will be done by the end of this week and we can stop worrying about it.

Update - The UK bank account application is also away! So glad to have most of the paperwork out of the way. Now just need to wait for them to be processed.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tickets Booked!

We've got the tickets for the UK! Went into Flight Centre and paid the whole thing. We're flying out of Sydney on the 12th of March, and arriving in London on the morning of the 13th. We're flying Etihad, which only recently started flying to Sydney. We'll be going to London via Abu Dhabi, giving a chance to break up the flight and look around the (apparently) very fancy new airport there.

The tickets came upto $2000 each.. so that's the first big expense of the trip. Now we need to start filling out all the other forms.. plan to have the visa forms filled tonight and lodged by early next week.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

UK Prep

After having talked about moving to the UK for ages and ages, last week Chami and I finally put a date on when we're leaving (actually it's not a date, it's a week). We have about 2 months to go, we're planning to leave between the 12 and 20th of March.

This week we will actually get off our asses and start getting things in order. We need to get the Visa applications in and processed, we also need to talk to the First Contact people to get our packs so we have the NI number and bank account sorted. Oh, and we need to get our tickets (plan to do that on Tuesday). Also need to get my resume updated.. so much to do! :(

Both of us will also finish work at the end of Feb, so not long to go now.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Phileine Zegt Sorry

Just saw this movie tonight. A film adaptation of a book by Ronald Giphart. Looking around the net it seems the film didn't get a positive reaction form many, but I really liked it. OK, so Kim van Kooten has a lot to do with it... not only did she do a great job of portrying Philein she also happens to be totally, totally hot! :)

The film DID get the Best Actress award at the Netherlands FIlm Festival, and a nomination for Best Film, so looks like it was popular in the Netherlands.

Seems people really don't like Phileine, she's not meant to be a traditional "likeable" character. I think she's a rather tragic figure though.. felt quite sorry for her. The ending was a bit too nice considering the sarcastic tone of the film, but still.. awesome movie..

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Blog

All the new posts will be at this address, I've finally bit the bullet and moved here. I'm still in the process of migrating the posts from the old blog to here, but the lack of an import tool is making things a bit difficult.

The import is being done via the GData API using a simple Java program to read the old blog and import them here (with thanks to Chami for helping me getting it working.) Unfortunately Blogger has a limit on the number of pages you can create in a day, so importing ~300 posts takes while.