Saturday, January 12, 2008

Phileine Zegt Sorry

Just saw this movie tonight. A film adaptation of a book by Ronald Giphart. Looking around the net it seems the film didn't get a positive reaction form many, but I really liked it. OK, so Kim van Kooten has a lot to do with it... not only did she do a great job of portrying Philein she also happens to be totally, totally hot! :)

The film DID get the Best Actress award at the Netherlands FIlm Festival, and a nomination for Best Film, so looks like it was popular in the Netherlands.

Seems people really don't like Phileine, she's not meant to be a traditional "likeable" character. I think she's a rather tragic figure though.. felt quite sorry for her. The ending was a bit too nice considering the sarcastic tone of the film, but still.. awesome movie..

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