Saturday, February 23, 2008

Inspiring Leaders

I have been following the Presidential Primaries in the US closely, along with a number of my friends, perhaps the first time we have ever taken an interest in the Primaries, let alone the election of a US president.

The appearence of one man on the political stage has done this. Barack Obama. The success his campaign has had over the last year or more not only speaks for the strength of Obama, but about that America wants and even what the rest of the world want, judging by the interest in him from all over the world.

Obama is an inspiring leader, and much has been said about the power of actions over words, but I think where ideas and words lead, actions will follow.

Another person who I find greatly inspiring is Larry Lessig, and he has indicated his support for Obama in true Lessig style. This is the only campaign meterial Obama will ever need. Simply brilliant.

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