Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Raggamuffin, Sydney 2008

Went to the Raggamuffin gig last night with Chami and a bunch of her friends. The lineup was announced a while ago (Katchafire, Arrested Development, Maxi Priest, The Wailers and UB40), so we rushed out and got a bunch of tickets, even if they were quite pricey - AU$119 each.

The gig was starting at 6pm and was supposed to go for 6 hours (which it did). We got there a bit after 6, so only caught the last few songs by Katchafire. It's a shame coz the last time I saw them live they were pretty darn good.

Anyways, the Horden slowly filled up (lots of Maoris, as expected). A bit after Katchafire, Arrested Development got on stage. They were pretty darn good. The lead singer had re-joined the group and they really pumped up the crowd. A couple of their hits from ye olde days really got people going.

After another break Maxi Priest eventually got on stage. I'll say flat out that I wasn't impressed. He was more interested in the "ladies screaming" than performing. You could feel the energy of the crowd going down. He also got his son and another rapper on stage, they just pranced around and did a whole lot of pelvic thrusts, but didn't really do much else.

Next up was The Wailers. Really, not sure why these guys are even called The Wailers. Of course the real power behind the original Wailers were Peter Tosh and Bob, the group now is just a Wailers cover band. The lead singer was an annoying twat who was constantly asking the crowd to "make more noise". Perhaps he was oblivious to the fact that the lack of noise was due to their performance.

Finally came the act everyone was there to see. Ali (the lead singer) had said that this will be his last tour before leaving UB40, so it was quite special. The crowd was really into it and their energy was great. Any of the UB40 classics really got the Horden going, specially Kingston Town, which they did for their encore. It was absolutely awesome.

All in all I was pretty happy. Biggest complaint was having to stand up for 7 or 8 hours all up.. legs were killing by the end of it. Hopefully the organisers will clean up the bill a bit later, shorter more focused performances (say over 4 hours) would have been better, IMHO.

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