Monday, March 3, 2008

DD No More

After 2 and a bit years at DD, Friday the 29th was my last day. It finished in a bit of a whimper really, because most of the company was leaving for DD Away in Coolum, Queensland. We had some mini farewell lunches on Tuesday (Mark was up) and then had a big night out to celebrate the SCOM project finally finishing. Ben, Chad and myself finished up early(ish), but Iain, Alex and Nick went hard.. they had finished at least 3 litres of beer by 10pm!

Anyways, Friday was pretty quiet... Had my exit interview with Janice from HR (I had lots of nice things to say) and explained that I'm leaving coz I'm going to the UK and stuff like that. Anyways, I was actually quite busy till 4:45 doing docco and making sure all the systems were ok before leaving.. don't want people blaming me for stuff breaking... :)

Had a couple of beers after work with Alison and Nick at Harts.. then headed to North Sydney for drinks with Chami's work friends.. Then headed home for some dinner and got into bed early (was quite tanked at this stage).

We were out on Sunday night having dinner at the Crazy Doctor's house. We were doing our best to annoy the other folks by reminding them that we didn't have to go to work on Monday! Slept in till about 9am today.

Feels good to be a bum. For now anyway. Being broke prolly isn't that good.

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