Sunday, March 9, 2008


Last week we've been going from Farewell to Dinner to Lunch to Drinks to whatever.. seems like it's been a non stop farewell-a-thon! Had the last (hopefully) big one last night with our friends, and it was lots of fun, so good to finish up on that.

Chami and I had been planning to (well, more Chami than me) do a big do as a combined birthday party and farewell on Sat, but we just never got around to organising it properly... When we did start looking for venues they were asking for $500-1,500 for a private function, so we dropped that idea and just decided to gather at Alberts in North Sydney, which is Chami's normal watering hole.

When Chams Raji and I turned up we saw Chunga sitting by himself having a steak.. then other people slowly started trickling in.. Raz, Shivs and then Nhi, Van and Mach, QT and others.. Some folks like Phonica and Milli and Ed were at Future Music, and Mark D, Marissa etc were at The Wombats gig, so we were missing a few people..

Got a big shock when Melanie turned up with Granny, I didn't know whe was even in the country (bad Mel!).. was definately good to catch up with them and Scotty and Tanya and the others.

The highlight of the night however, was getting to skull a beer with VAN! Didn't think he'd do it but the man soldiered through it. Very impressive. Then Granny got into the spirit and skulled a beer with Quang! I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes!

I was getting a bit pickled by about midnight, by which time I had lost count of what I had to drink.. switched between beer, scotch and some sickly sweet shots (QFs?) and I was paying for it..

Most folks were heading off around midnight and things finally wound down, and the usual suspects were hanging around till about 2:30.. we finally decided to call it a night when we couldn't think of somewhere to go eat that wasn't a maccas. Said our farewells and headed back home to have the leftover Thai take-away from earlier in the night.. :) All class, we are!

Woke up surprisingly clear headed (the food was good) and headed home to do packing and other important stuff!

So that was the last big gathering in Sydney. Next one is on next Friday in London! Can't wait!

BTW pictures should be up on Chami's picasa site soon.


Monnie said...

Hey Muddy, sorry we couldn't make your farewell. Enjoy the UK and Europe - we'll hold the fort back here until y'all get back :-) Be sure to keep us updated of your shenanigans through you blog. xx Phonica

me55enger said...

No worries! Hope you guys had a good time at FM! I'm sure we'll be back in a blink of an eye, well least back for a bit next summer anyways!

Unknown said...

Sculling that bear was painful mate. My throat was numb with cold and my stomach was ready to burst. I got home and looked in the mirror, and honestly, I've never seen my eyes so bloodshot. EVER.

Just for you mate. :-)