Sunday, March 16, 2008

First Days In London

We arrived on Thursday morning, but all of Thursday was pretty much a write off. We were completely jet lagged and zombified. As it happened, we woke up on Friday morning at about 4am!

After getting a nice brekky from our hotel, we set off to explore the local area. We were based in Craven Hill Road in Paddington, so we explored the few blocks around the hotel. It was a pretty posh area with rows apon rows of identical white houses on the streets. One thing I was amazed at was the CARS! Every other car was a Porche or an expensive Merc or a BMW. Maybe every tenth car was a Bentley or a Aston Martin or a Ferrari or a Rolls Royce. Even with Mercs, there were more S classes going around than Es or Cs! Anyway, over it now..

For lunch we walked over to Bayswater and found Jem/Minh/Yui/Myle's apartment. We pranked their doorbell but there wasn't anyone home.. We had some nice lunch at a Thai/Indonesian place. They had some nice Nasi Goreng there.. We went to Kensington Gardens to have a quick walk around, but it was a bit too cold to spend too much time.

We went back to the hotel to have a quick nap, then went off to a Spanish restuarant in Bayswater to meet the London Crew. Dave and Thuy were there early, so we joined them to have some drinks.. then the others slowly started trickling in.. It was great to see everyone there, seemed like the old days.. there are more people in London now than in Sydney. Had lots of yummy payella and tapas and had a good chat to everyone. Some of the photos are up on Chami's Picasa, and Christina has some too.

Found out that the WOW geeks were having a WOW day at Yui's place on Saturday, and the girls were getting upto something else so we decided to drop by. Chi was already there by 10am and Yui and Minh and Chi were fully into it when we arrived. Zoolander also arrived a bit later and joined them. While they were busy with WOW, Myle, Christina, Chami and I took a bus to the Portobello Markets. They were PACKED! There was lots of fresh fruit and vegies and of course there were tons of antiques and various odds-and-ends..

We had a lunch of "Spicy Boneless Chicken" from a stand which was delicious.. we went by a place making MASSIVE dishes of payella, but let it pass. It started raining a bit so we took shelter by walking through the antique stores.. After a few hours we headed back to Myle's place as Chami and I had to do our first room inspection in our house hunt..

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