Sunday, March 23, 2008

Job Hunting

Apart from finding a place to live, finding a job is the most important thing we need to get done in London. People say that finding a job is easier than finding a place to live, and since we found an apartment in 2.5 days, finding a job would be a piece of cake, right? Unfortunately not so.

Chami and I put up our resumes on a number of job sites on Sunday (16th) night. Chami was using her generic .NET and C# resume, and I was using my basic datacenter / IT infrastructure / jack of all trades one. Looking around places like there were plenty of jobs, specially for .NET people.

On Monday morning at about 8am our phones started ringing. Mostly Chami's, actually. Her phone just did not stop ringing for about 4 hours. In between we were trying to call up places with rooms to rent, so it was absolute chaos!

Unfortunately most of the calls were for nothing as they were all calling about permanent positions, and we were looking for contracts. I was called with a couple of IDEAL jobs if I was in the look for a perm job, but turned them down. One agent called saying that his client was setting up a new datacentre and that he needed people with Clariion, HP blade and VMWare ESX experience (hey that sounds like ME!), but the job was perm and based in Surrey - which is a fair way west of London.

Chami and I had decided to leave perm jobs as a fall back as we would find it easier to travel with contracts, not to mention get paid lots more. Also the 12 month work restriction on our visa made perm jobs a bit difficult.. Some agents became uninterested as soon as the heard that we were on working holiday..

So now we're slowly looking for contract positions and applying for them as they come.. the agent calls have slowed down too. Chami has an interview tomorrow, but I haven't got much yet. We'll try the contract thing for one more week and if there isn't any success will start applying for perm jobs. Option with perm will be to work for a year, then take about 3 or 4 months off to travel and then head home.

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