Sunday, April 27, 2008

Getting the Job

Much has happened since the last update. Most importantly I've got a job and have been working for a bit over a week now.

The story of getting the job was quite interesting (i.e. stressful). The week of the 7th of April, I basically had two roles on the go. They both looked quite promising. One was with a infrastructure provider for the financial market (in fact the leading provider - sorry, no names). The other was with the BBC. I did the first round of interviews for the BBC on the 4th of April, and for the other company on the 3rd. The second set of interviews were on the week after on Wednesday the 9th. The BBC in the morning and the other company in the afternoon.

The BBC interview went very well and I was feeling quite good about it. The interviewers were quite good and it was a nice chat about what I had done and my approach to things. The interview in the afteroon was a bit different. I went to meet one of the managers where I was supposed to be working and some of the people there. I was going for the team leader role so I was to meet some of the people who would be in my team.

I came away from that meeting in the afternoon with a mixed feeling. What the people on site said did not match at all with what the company had been telling me and I was rather concerned, and told the agent as much. He promised to follow up and get someone from the company to provide me more information.

Things were coming to a head on Friday when the finance company pretty much said that the offer was ready. The agent had spent a lot of effort getting the role clarified and I had a much better idea what the role was. The BBC wasn't moving quite as fast and I spoke to the hiring manager and asked when a decision could be made. I had 30 minutes to get back for the first offer, and with 1 minute to go I got a call from the agent for the BBC saying that they had offered me the job!

The relief was immense. I took the BBC offer and called back the other agent to say no. They were understandably not happy with my decision, specially as they had spent so much effort in getting things sorted out. I felt quite bad about it but in the end the confusion about the role and the fact that the role was with a support unit (i.e. with weekend work, shifts and on-call) made me decide to go with the BBC.

Those last few days were some of the most stressful I can remember. I could hardly sleep for the last few days. I didn't want to turn down one job in the hope of the other coming through and I didn't want to waste the agents and the company's time if I wasn't serious. I was "this" close (i.e. 1 minute away) from accepting the first offer. Oh man, I'm getting stressed out just remembering it!

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Monnie said...

Congrats Muddy - sounds like an interesting role.