Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Euro 2009 Update 1

Just a quickie - as my wireless access is dodgy.

So we're 6 days into the trip and it's mostly going well. We are currently in Santorini enjoying the view and the heat (did I mention the heat? It's hot!).

Started off by spending 4 days in Athens - more than necessary I would have thought - but it was quite good, actually. My last visit to Athens in 2004 left me thinking that I'd never come back, but I enjoyed it quite a lot this time. A lot of the city has been cleaned up for the 2004 Olympics - the Metro for example. We also stayed in Plaka this time, it's very touristy but nice. A lot nicer than Omonia, where we stayed before.

One thing that really shits me about Greece so far is that the anti-smoking laws haven't really caught on. Or if they have, people ignore then. They smoke EVERYWHERE, indoors, outdoors.. we've seen women nursing babies chain smoking through the whole time! Our ferry trip to Santorini was a 9 hour ordeal trying to find a place where we could escape the smoke!

Anyways, Santorini is as nice as always - except for the first hotel we stayed at. It is built right next to the only major road on the island, without any sound proofing! After 2 sleepless nights we left the place and moved to a much better hotel. That was 100 euros down the drain. Last time we allow a travel agent to book accomodation for us.

OK battery almost dead that's all for now.

Next stop is Crete.

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