Thursday, June 18, 2009

Planes, Trains, Automobiles AND Ferries

I feel like I HAVE to blog about our travel over the last two days - our trip from Crete in southern Greece to Napoli in southern Italy. It all started when we discovered that the ferry service from Hania in Crete to Gythio in the Pelloponese was cancelled. So we thought we'd go to Athens and take a bus to Nafplio - but it turned out that there was no accommodation available in the town at all. So fed up with Greece we decided to skip the rest of the country and head to Italy.

Our journey started at 5:30 am on the 16th of June. We woke up and took a taxi to Hania airport. After some delays we got a flight at about 7:30 from Hania to Athens. From Athens airport we took the local train to a town just outside Corinth. After a couple of hours there we took an old, decrepit train to Patras that got us into town at about 3pm.

So there in one day we covered planes, trains and automobiles!

From Patras we got a ticket on the overnight Ferry to Bari in Italy. After yet more running around we managed to work out how to check in (it wasn't easy) and got on the Ferry (Superfast I, 200m long and 25kts top speed). We got a private cabin with beds. I must say that we were both very impressed with the Ferry. It was clean, new and well designed.

After a quick dinner we went to sleep and woke up on the coast of Italy! Now that's the way travel!

From the ferry station in Bari we made our way to Bari Central Station, where we just missed the train to Naples. So we had to start another long journey. First a slow train to Taranto, which is an industrial town to the south of Bari. After spending some time in Bari we caught a bus to Napoli - which took about 4 hours and stopped at every little village along the way.

So there you have it. A shortened version of our journey from Hania to Napoli over 48 hours.


Chip said...

Looks like you guys might finish Italy by the time we get there.

me55enger said...

We're going pretty slow through Italy - 4 days in Naples and a week in Rome.. so should be in Italy for about 3 weeks more, I think..

Chip said...

We'll miss each other then. We start our trip in 3 weeks time. Nevermind, will see you guys back in Sydney anyway :)