Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Food (and drink) Tour of Europe

Better late than never, right? Almost exactly 1 year after we got back to Sydney, I've got around to posting some of our favourite meals and drinks in Europe.

Best Pizza - Da Michele in Napoli. The best pizza in the town that created pizza. They only have margherita and marinara on the menu. A big (around 40cm) pizza only costs 4 euro. It's hard to believe that something so simple can taste so good. No pizza has ever been the same since Da Michele.

Best Gelato - Perche no! in Firenze. We were on a mission to find the best authentic gelato since we landed in Italy. After trying countless places we arrived at Perche no! after being recommended by our walking tour guide. The gelato here is divine. It is made fresh every day based on what is available at the markets. The fruit sorbets are light and taste just like you are eating the fruit. The yoghurt, vanilla and ricotta are amazing. However the star of the show is the pistachio. It really tastes like you are eating pistachios. As with Da Michele no gelato has been the same since.

Best Pasta and Trattoria - Trattoria Mario in Firenze. Mario is a Florentine institution. Located right next to the produce market it serves simple meals (plus a legendary Florentine steak) at very reasonable prices. It doesn't seem to have changed much despite being included in every guide book under the sun. You get squeezed into any available spot and you can usually make friends with your fellow diners over lunch. Their ragù alla bolognese is amazing.

Best Coffee - Torrefazione Costarica in Venezia. This little shop specialises in Costarican coffee. They aren't a cafe as such, mostly they seem to sell coffee in bulk. You can still ask for a coffee though - and it's worth it. Specially at only 70 Euro cents. I only tried their espresso - simply the most perfect espresso I've ever had.

Best Beer - Wheat beer from Hausbrauerei Feierling in Freiburg. Our friend Sara introduced us to this beer from a small organic brewery in the middle of Freiburg. Nothing better than sitting in the beer garden across the road from the brewery with this brilliant wheat beer.

Best Pho - Pho Mui in Paris, Avenue d'Ivry. We tried a lot of Viet places in Paris - most restaurants are a mix of Chinese/Thai/Viet. However this place only does Pho and does it very, very well.

Best Creme Brulee - Patisserie Gerard Mulot in Paris. We were walking towards Jardain du Luxembourg and saw this beautiful pastry shop packed full of people. They had an amazing window display and we knew we had to try a creme brulee. We got a couple and headed to the gardens. Best. Creme. Brulee. Ever.

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